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Retrofit Assessor Ayrshire / Glasgow

Retrofit is an integral role in the new PAS 2035 standard. Any building that requires any kind of energy retrofit work must be assessed only by a trained and certified Retrofit Assessor. This means that all Retrofit Assessment work must be carried out within the 2035 standard Framework.

This means that our technicians have officially joined the Stroma Certification Retrofit Assessor scheme, and can officially carry out Retrofit Assessment work in domestic buildings.

An assessor is responsible for collecting data on aspects of a property relating to all retrofit work. This includes both the functionality and durability of buildings, energy efficiency, as well as the environmental impact of buildings.

Armed with a Retrofit qualification, Our technicians are qualified to:

  • Carry out and lodge retrofit assessor reports in line with PAS 2035
  • Support Retrofit coordinators following a PAS 2035 risk assessment
  • Identify building services, and identify planning constraints.
Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd.
Who are we?

ECS has a team of experts in gas safety with excellent experience throughout the Scottish property industry.

We have been active in countless cases in residential development and properties over the past 25 years. Throughout this time, we have witnessed new legislative measures and industry norms brought in, that we have embraced and adapted to at every turn. Our team has truly seen it all.

The gas safe registered engineers at ECS have undergone years of practical training across a broad set of projects. Combined with this expert knowledge, ECS offers a client-centred service that will make your life as a landlord instantly more stress free.

Why Choose Us?

The glowing feedback we get from clients are strong indicators of the quality of our service. With over two decades of experience, we know exactly how to approach your gas boiler. Letting agencies and private landlords who bring us in time and time again can vouch for that.

In Scotland’s property market, our reputation attracts new clients all the time, who are then won over by our efficient and accommodating service.

Both in person and online, we receive referrals regularly who are looking for gas boiler services for a fair price, and fast turnaround. We will make our assessment and aim to have all the results sent over to you straight away. By sending them digitally, you can have them to hand to reference right away.

As well as gas boiler services, we can put together a customised package that is comprehensive in all your energy safety needs. We can sort your property out and advise you on the best route forward through our ongoing communications.

Make the first move if you want our help - Call us today on 0141 816 1235 or 01292 435354 for a free quote.

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Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd.
Who are we?

Our team at Energy Certificate Scotland have extensive experience across multiple areas of the property industry.

Our exposure to countless different properties and residential developments spans over 25 years. Throughout this time, as new legislation and industry-wide norms have been brought in, we have truly seen it all.

Our expert engineers and assessors have been trained over years of hands-on projects. They remain dedicated to helping private landlords and tenants alike get the reassurance they need around electrical safety compliance.

Why Choose Us?

Our client testimonials speak for themselves. With over two decades of experience offering services to private landlords and letting agents in Scotland, we are experts at what we do.

The level of professionalism and client care we provide consistently has helped form our reputation in the Scottish property industry.

We experience referrals online and offline who are keen to work with us and get their electrical landlord certificate for a fair price, in a quick turnaround. We aim to send you your electrical safety certificate digitally to you on the same day of completion.

We will work with you to better understand your needs as a landlord and can build together a custom package if you require broader assistance in addition to your energy safety certificate.

Give us a call today on 0141 8161235 or 01292 435354 for a free quote.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Certificates

Cut the jargon - what actually is an EICR certificate?

As a landlord in Scotland, all you need to know about an Electrical Installation Condition Report is that you need one renewed every five year period.

EICR certificates are essentially similar in nature to an electrical landlord safety certificate. We therefore offer these as a core service at Energy Certificates Scotland.

We visit your property when it is most convenient to you, and make a comprehensive, deep assessment of all the electronic equipment that is fixed, as well as other electrical installations and fittings.

From this assessment, we produce our report that details to you the current state of all of these parts of your property. This will then cover you as a landlord for the next five years, under the current Scottish legal requirements - specifically The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 - or until you make a new installation that needs to be checked.

If you want our help with your EICR certificate, reach out to us today.

Locations We Cover

Energy Certificates Scotland are active across central Scotland in the UK. We primarily offer our services in Ayrshire and Glasgow.

Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd

So, if you are a landlord situated in North, South or East Ayrshire, we are available to come out to your property, assess it, and provide you promptly with an electrical safety certificate. We have ample experience assisting landlords in Ayr and across wider Ayrshire.

Energy Certificates Scotland Glasgow

Similarly, if you are a landlord or letting agency in the City of Glasgow, the Westend of Glasgow, or surrounding regions like Paisley, we can provide you with electrical safety certification.

Get in touch with us today and we will organise when is best to meet with you. We follow the latest advised COVID-19 precautions strictly for you and our safety.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Landlord Certificates

Here are some answers to the most burning questions on the topic of Electrical Landlord Certificates.

What is a landlord electrical certificate?
Basically, a landlord electrical certificate is a comprehensive report that confirms your fixed electrical fittings and installations are all safety compliant.
It acts as evidence for a landlord to prove this compliance, under law, as well as providing tenants with a reference point to make them feel safe and protected where they are living.

What is involved in a landlord electrical safety certificate?
Any type of fixed electrical fitting or installation in your property is checked over and tested by our professional team. Examples of these types of fittings are things like electric showers or extractor fans in your bathroom, as well as your fuse boxes, wiring, light fittings and sockets.
Based on our assessment, we can redress any issues that we have deemed hazardous before we leave your premises.

How long does an electrical certificate take?
The length of time that it takes for us to carry out and complete your electrical landlord certificate really depends on how big your property is, and how many circuits that are in it that need our attention.
On average, though, we would say that it can take around three to four hours for us to make a careful assessment. We try to send you your certification on the same day, ironically, electronically.

Who can issue an electrical certificate?
A registered electrician can issue you with an electrical certificate since they are appropriately qualified and have sufficient competence to make an accurate assessment for you. So, to answer the question, should an electrician provide a certificate? Yes, they are absolutely the right ones to do so.
Our team at ECS can issue you with one as we are more than qualified and experienced in offering them.

If you’re wondering:
How often do you need a landlord electrical certificate?
How long do electrical safety certificates last?
The general answer is - every five years for private properties.
If you have any alterations or new fittings made to electricals, you should make sure to renew your certificate then as well.
The electrical landlord safety certificate that you have must have been produced by someone with a suitable level of competence and qualifications to make a valid assessment.
At ECS, we have all of the above.

What happens if you don't have an electrical certificate?
If you are a tenant and do not seem to have one, contact your landlord or letting agent.
If you are a landlord, and you can’t seem to find an electrical certificate for your property and are maybe suspicious that you were not provided one at your last assessment, your first port of call should be the company or individual you used last for this.
If you do not obtain one, then under the current legal requirements in Scotland, this can be dealt with as a criminal offence - which is easily avoidable by making sure you have an in-date one.

Does my rented property need an electrical certificate?
Yes, under Scottish law, your rented property needs an electrical landlord certificate to prove the safety of the property for those living in it. Every private landlord who is renting out a property in Scotland must obtain one to comply with the legalities of the Repairing Standard.

Do I need an electrical safety certificate to sell my house?
Technically, there is actually no legal obligation on you to offer an electrical safety certificate to sell your house to a buyer in the United Kingdom. However, not having one can lead to serious delays and stagnations in the selling process.

What electrical certificate do I need to sell my house?
What electrical certificates do you need though? To sell your house, it will help the process run a lot more smoothly without annoying delays if you provide electrical certificates like the EICR. This will provide an overview of all of the electrical fittings within your house and is documented, official evidence that proves they are all consented by the relevant building regulators.


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