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Gas Safety Certificates Glasgow

Are you looking for a registered professional to provide you with a gas landlord certificate?

You are now in the right place. Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd, offer a team of trusted experts who will cater to your every need when it comes to gas safe landlord certificates. We have gas safe registered engineers on board to have a wealth of experience servicing and assessing gas safety in the property industry in Scotland.

So, if you are a landlord in Glasgow or Ayrshire and need a hand with gas safety, reach out to us today and we’ll organise a free quote.

As a landlord, you have the important duty to make sure that the properties you are letting out on the market are backed with an accurate and recent gas safety certificate.

Whether you are new to all this, or have been involved in property letting for years, you have the same core responsibility to protect the safety of your tenants and keep your affairs in order with the right documentation. At ECS, we can help provide you with an up-to-date gas landlord certificate that ticks all of the boxes above.

Gas Landlord Certificates are an essential component within all of the safety precautions you carry out on the properties you want to sell or rent. In 2021 Scotland, gas safety checks must be renewed annually and certification kept close to hand to provide evidence if the time comes to present it.

The team at ECS are committed to offering an efficient, reliable service to landlords in Glasgow and Ayrshire. Our attentiveness and professional care aim to make your role as a landlord a bit less stressful when it comes to gas safety and other safety measures.

If you bring us into the process at any point, we work to give you confidence and clarity in the status of your property’s gas safety, with a comprehensive report to back it.

When we are investigating your gas appliances and flues, we will swiftly redress any issues that we spot as part of our service.

The result - a gas landlord safety certificate sent over to you that gives you peace of mind and confidence in your property’s gas safety.

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Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd.
Who are we?

ECS is composed of a specialist team that have excellent experience in gas safety throughout the property sector.

Over time, we have been involved in countless cases in residential development and properties over a period of 25 years. In these years, we have witnessed and adapted to new legislative measures and industry norms that have been ushered in. As a team, we have really seen it all.

The Gas safe registered engineers that work within ECS have undergone years of practical training through the projects they have worked on. Combined with this expert knowledge, we offer a client-focused service that aims to make your life as a landlord easier.

Why Choose Us?

The glowing testimonials we receive from clients are strong indicators of our service quality. Equipped with over two decades of experience, we know exactly what we are doing. Private landlords and letting agencies who use us time and time again can attest to that.

Our reputation in the Scottish property market attracts new clients all the time, won over by our professional approach and accommodating service.

Both online and in person, we get referrals all the time seeking a gas landlord certificate, keen to work with us based on our fair prices and fast turnaround. We strive to send over your gas safety certificate the same day that we make our assessment and produce it. This is done electronically so you’ve got it right away.

As well as your gas safety, we can package together a customized deal that caters to other certifications that you need, like your EICR. We will work all this out through our initial discussions.

Give us a call today on 0141 8161235 or 01292 435354 for a free quote.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Testing

On the topic of gas safety, carbon monoxide is a really key thing to be aware of as a landlord.

Carbon Monoxide is both scentless and invisible and can be lethal to your tenants in a short space of time. It is therefore vital that you put measures in place to protect them from carbon monoxide poisoning.

This issue is directly linked to the improper care of your property’s gas flues, appliances, and chimneys. If they are blocked, not working, or not maintained properly, or put in right in the first place, carbon monoxide can quickly become a major risk.

At ECS, our Gas Safe Registered gas installers can help you minimise this risk and prevent avoidable danger to your tenants.

Our gas safety checks involve a comprehensive check of all of the gas outlets in your house or flat. We will ensure that your gas appliances, pipework and flues are suitably ventilated, have been installed properly, and are working the way they should be at the time of inspection.

If you want our help making sure your property in Ayrshire or Glasgow is sufficiently prepped and protected, get in touch with us today.

Locations We Cover

As a company, Energy Certificate Scotland Ltd. offer our services throughout central Scotland in the United Kingdom. We are predominantly active in Glasgow and Ayrshire.

Gas Certificates in Ayrshire
Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd

If you are a landlord located within East, North of South Ayrshire, our team can provide you with a renewed gas landlord certificate.

In order to do this, we will travel out to your property, carry out our assessment, and then swiftly produce the certification and get it sent over to you.

Our team have worked with countless landlords across Ayrshire, in towns like Ayr and Prestwick, to ensure they are set up for success.

Gas Certificates in Glasgow
Energy Certificates Scotland Glasgow

In addition to Ayrshire, we support landlords and letting agencies throughout Glasgow City, in the Westend of Glasgow and neighbouring areas like Paisley.

If this all sounds good, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will organise the best time and date to visit your property and conduct our gas safety check.

We do, of course, follow stringent COVID-19 precautions based on the most up-to-date government guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Landlord Certificates

Here you will find some key insights into the topic of Gas Landlord Certificates.

Who is responsible for gas safety certificates?
Landlords. Their commonly-used name "Gas Landlord Certificates" tells you everything you need to know. The onus is on your landlord to provide you with an up-to-date gas safety certification.

Do landlords have to provide gas safety certificates?
Yes. Landlords in Scotland have a legal responsibility to provide you with a gas safety certificate.
This sits amongst their 3 main legal responsibilities when it comes to gas safety.
In order to provide you with a certificate, they must organise a check to be done every 12 months (their first and foremost duty).
As well as this, they must make sure that the gas flues, pipework, and appliances are dealt with and maintained when issues arise.

What if my landlord doesn't have a gas safety certificate?
If you cannot seem to find a gas safety certificate for your rented property, your first port of call should be to contact your landlord.
If your landlord then does not have a gas safety certificate to provide you with, you are within your rights to demand that they organise an assessment and certificate to be produced.
The Health and Safety Executive can actually prosecute your landlord if they are abusing their responsibility and do not provide you with one. So, if you are wondering - What happens if a landlord doesn't do a gas safety certificate for you? - then this is the answer.

Can a landlord be fined for no gas safety certificate?
As we just stated, if your landlord does not provide a gas safety certificate, they can be liable to serious criminal punishment. One form of this punishment is an unlimited level of fines - even up to 6 months in prison!

Is a gas safety check a legal requirement?
In Scotland, landlords have a legal responsibility to have an in-date gas safety certificate for their property that was produced from a gas safety check by a qualified party like ECS Ltd.

Is it illegal to rent a house without a gas safety certificate?
It is illegal and has the potential for criminal prosecution if a landlord rents out a house or property without a valid gas safety certificate (obtained in the last 12 months by a qualified professional like ECS).

Can you sell a house without a gas safety certificate?
In contrast to letting out a property, you can legally sell a house without a gas safety certificate. However, we advise that you make sure your gas safety is seen to so as to protect the buyers and make the selling process smoother.
The difference here is the intention behind selling or letting the property. If the house is being rented out, then no you cannot offer it without a gas safety certificate, but you can if it is being sold.

What happens if a gas safety certificate expires?
If it expires, your landlord needs to make an urgent effort to organise for a gas safe registered engineer, like our team at ECS, to come and carry out an assessment. The report from this will then replace the expired one.

How long is a gas safety certificate valid for?
Gas Safety Certificates are valid for a length of 12 months. So, landlords must have a new one produced annually.

How do I get a gas safety certificate?
Simple, you get a gas safety certificate by contacting a gas safe registered engineer who will assess your property in full and provide you with the advice and certification you need to cover your back.

Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd. are an excellent choice to do exactly that.


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