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Energy Certificates Ayrshire

Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd, operates across the whole of Ayrshire, travelling out to meet you where you are to offer our specialist energy safety and efficiency services.

In the era of environmental action and consumer safety and protection, it has never been more vital to ensure that your properties and their inhabitants are covered with up-to-date and accurate energy performance certificates.

Our expert team are the go-to choice for landlords and letting agents throughout North, South, and East Ayrshire, trusting us time and time again to deliver fast, accurate assessments. Whether you need an Electrical or Gas Landlord Certificate; an EICR certificate; PAT testing; or Gas Boiler Services, ECS Ltd. are highly experienced at what we do.

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Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd.
Who are we?

ECS Ltd. is run by a team of specialists in gas safety who have a wealth of experience in the UK property industry.

Throughout the past 25 years, we have accrued extensive hands-on experience within residential properties and developments. Over nearly three decades, our team has witnessed and adapted to changing legislation and sector-wide norms that have come into force. We have truly seen it all.

Our vast industry exposure makes our gas safe registered engineers highly capable of dealing with whatever issues you bring our way. Your responsibilities and stresses as a landlord or letting agent in Ayrshire can be lifted in weight significantly by getting us on the case. Our service is focused on making your life easier, whilst protecting your property and tenants.

Why Choose Us?

A clear indicator of the quality service we provide can be found in the glowing testimonials from our clients. We are equipped with expert knowledge, an efficient practical approach, and a customer-focused service that is tailored to your needs.

Our stream of new clients is driven by our strong reputation throughout Ayrshire and the wider property market in Scotland. Via digital channels, as well as in-person referrals, we are constantly offering quotes to landlords, property letting agencies, and residents who are seeking a quick service that is priced fairly and affordably.

Once we organise when is best to come out to your property, we can make our assessment of your gas or energy status and aim to offer you the results the same day. We send over your certification electronically, so you’ve got it to hand straight away.

ECS Ltd. can put together a custom package that offers you comprehensive gas and electrical safety and gets your property updated and fully covered. We can work out exactly what you need in our initial correspondence.

If you’re located in Ayrshire, reach out to us today for a free quote!

Call us on 0141 8161235 or 01292 435354

Here’s a breakdown of the main service areas we offer in Ayrshire:
Electrical Landlord Certificates Ayrshire

One of our core services in Ayrshire is the provision of Electrical Landlord Certificates.

We do so by visiting your property and conducting a thorough check over all your fixed electrical fittings and installations to deem them safety compliant or not.

If we spot any hazardous issues, we can help you solve these right away. Electrical landlord safety certificates will cover your back as a landlord and give your tenants a report worth of reasons to feel safer where they live.

Gas Landlord Certificates Ayrshire

Our qualified team offers gas safe landlord certificates throughout the Ayrshire region.

As a landlord in Scotland, you must fulfil your duty to protect your tenants by annually renewing your gas safety certificates.

By bringing us in to carry out our assessment and provide you with the resulting report, you can avoid any potential criminal charges and other legal issues you may face without one.

EICR Certificates Ayrshire

Basically, for landlords, you need to have your properties’ EICR certificates renewed every five years in Scotland. ECS’s team will come out to assess all the fixed electronic equipment, electrical installations and fittings. The result – an Electrical Installation Condition Report that will cover you for the next five years, or until a new installation needs to be checked.

PAT Testing Ayrshire

If you are a landlord in need of an updated PAT testing certificate, the team at ECS are on hand to help. We have carried out Portable Appliance Testing countless times, with accurate and fast results. We will meet you where you are and check over your property, aiming to send over your PAT testing certificate that same day.

Gas Boiler Services Ayrshire

Once every year, or when issues arise, you must have your gas or oil boiler checked over and signed off as safe and working adequately. Energy Certificates Scotland Ltd. can help with this.

Give us a call and we will work out when to visit as soon as possible and check your unit over. Our gas safe registered engineers will work to make the process as smooth as possible and service your boiler for an affordable price.


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